Emergency Notary Services 24/7
We can handle all of your notary needs.
  1. Power of Attorney
    Need to authorize and appoint someone to make legal decision for you when needed? We can prepare a document to your specification, print and notarize or simply notarize your prepared document.
  2. Apostille Services
    We provide FAST document authentication service from the Florida Secretary of State or any state you desire, to be used in another country. We process documents daily.
  3. Legalization Services
    Need documents to be Legalized for a country that is not part of The Hague Convention? We provide fast and efficient service for use in whatever country you desire.
  4. Closing Documents
    We can print and prepare any documents for a closing for anyone needing a closing, we are happy to assist law firms, title companies, banks, out of state individuals, etc. in need of a closing agent for their clients.
  5. Marriage Service
    We provide matrimony service to all couples . We can accommodate a small private intimate service or large venues. We can also assist in creating a special destination or local wedding .
  6. Remote Notary Service Anything You Need Notarized
    Anything you need, car towed, affidavits, deeds and telephonic court appearance. We can assist you with any kind of document you desire. Print and Prepare and notarize any document to your liking!
What We Do
We are here to take care of all of your notary needs as soon as you like.
If your in need of professional Notary Service? EmergencyNotary.biz has been in business for 20+ years. Serving Miami  to Palm Beach. county. We can assist you with any kind of documents  you need notarized. 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You can call us anytime to get your documents professionally notarized.  Call us, we are here to help you and here for you. Call now!
Our Team
We can handle all of your financial needs.
  1. Sharon Porter
  2. Karen Barrett
  3. Lisa Atkins
We Want You to Be Happy!
We will stand behind any documents we notarize for you.
In the event your documents are challenged please call us to assist, and we will readily facilitate the validity of documents we notarized.
Always go with the EmergencyNotary.biz because we will always be available and there when you need us!